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Azawagh's aim is to bring help to the rural communities of Tekinawane, Intifirkit and Adjangafa, all located in the Sahel zone of Niger, South-east of Tchin-Tabaradène (Tahoua Province).

Their population amounts to between 5,000 and 6,000 inhabitants (mainly Wodaabé Fulanis).

They mostly live on cattle-raising, which explains their still largely nomadic way of life.

But the reduction in seasonal rainfalls and the resulting progress of the desert, coupled with demographic pressure arising from sedentary populations in the south, have increasingly made the nomads' survival problematic: wells dry up, herds of cattle can't easily bear climate changes, until recently school was held in a hut made of branches, the nearest dispensary is 25 miles away…

These conditions induce nomads to become partly sedentary around basic infrastructures such as waterholes and schools.

The assistance brought by Azawagh focuses on the basic needs as defined by the people themselves: water supply (maintaining and sinking wells), building schools, camel-raising…

  • The AZAWAGH project puts us in contact with some of today's great problems: global warming, underdevelopment, cultural divides between populations, outmigration of Africans toward Europe.
    If you wish to delve deeper into these topics, you will find a bibliography in appendix.
  • In order to keep informed about the project all those who help us with their gifts and counsels, we periodically publish an internet newsletter called l’ Hebdromadaire.
  • If you want to take a plunge into a Woodabé crowd, visit our photo gallery.
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